Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blankets done so now jake you can come!!!!

I have been working on this baby blanket nonstop for my soon to be nephew for over a month. I was beginning to stress out because my sister looks like she can deliver Jake at any minute and I really wanted to have this blanket done before Jake arrived. Well I finally finished the baby blanket and now Jake you can come and make your debut!!!!
Sidenote....what is a picture without your kitty including herself in it. As soon as I put the blanket on my bed Priscilla just jumped on the bed right next to it telling me that she was to be in the photo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is good being a Nascar fan

Being a Nascar Fan is a good thing to be. It has many privelages. It allows females the chance to hang with some hot redneck boys. If you don't mind the fact that some of them may be missing some teeth you will have a great time.

You also get to have a huge "slumber party" for the weekend while cooking out and sampling some of the endless supply of beer.

You get a chance to bond with nature and sleep under the stars. So what if you have to share your space with some creepy crawlers and have to use the port-a-potties.

If the toothless redneck boys are not up your alley you can always drool over the hot Nascar drivers. Tony Stewart, Dale Jr, Jimmi

e Johnson. There is one driver that is guaranteed to rev up your engines....

Just got my Nascar Swap package from Ria aka Tonyfan4ever and wow I got lots of cool things in there. I got 3 skeins of Silky Malabrigo in my favorite color....Purple. One skein is Blackberry and the other two are Nocturnal.

I also got a really cool Tony Stewart hat. I love it but not too sure if my little model Priscilla does. Come on Prissie mommie has taught you which Nascar drivers are cute and Tony is. What can I say she's strictly a Dale Jr. fan.

Here's a picture of all the goodie Nascar itmes that I got from Ria. Love it, love it, love it. The only item that is missing from the picture is bar of dark chocolate. Um um um um the unhappy model ate it. (as I am whiping my face to get rid of the evidence.)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

Go Panthers go Panthers go. Not sure where the Panthers are going with only 2 wins but it sure ain't somewhere nice!!! Guess they just started a new NFL team known as the Pee Wee League Team and only the select few teams that have won won less than 3 games can join.

My sister who is a huge Carolina Panther fan found out on my birthday that she was having a baby boy. Her husband picked out the name....Jacob and will call the baby "Jake" Even though my sister said that her husband chose the name, I really think that she had something to do with naming the baby. The Panthers quarterback is Jake Delhome so I think that she secretly wanted to have her own Jake. Of course she denies that she had anything to do with naming the baby after the quarterback of her favorite NFL oh sorry Pee Wee team, but we all know better don't we.

My knitting guru told me that Charlotte Yarn a lys in Charlotte had some Carolina Panther colored yarn. So I called Charlotte Yarn and sure enough they did so I ordered 2 skeins of Lornas Lace Panther Pride Worsted Weight

So I decided to knit baby Jake a pair of booties and a matching hat so that he could support the Panthers just like his mama. Even though the Panthers are on a losing streak I guess we have to support out Local Football team so are you ready for some football???!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love me some tomaters

I love me some tomatoes especially fried green ones, but this is not a yummy fried green tomato but never the less it is a yummy tomato. I finished my Tomato sweater a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I pleased with the outcomes. I used I Love This Cotton that I bought at Hobby Lobby and a size 7 needle. I did some modification with the sleeves, and decided to make 3/4 inch sleeves instead of the shorter sleeves that the pattern called for. I also added some extra ribbing to the bottom of the sweater and to the sleeves, but my knitting guru said that this was ok to do. Wow I would be lost without her. This was the first time that I used this yarn and I must say that this was a nice yarn to knit with.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's story time boys and girls.....

It's story time everyone so get your mats out and lay down and I'll read you a little story... I read this to my 4th graders and they about died. They thought that it was sooo funny that I was reading them a kindergarten book complete with baby voices. :0) Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Stooges Were Let Loose......

Yes people The Three Stooges managed to sweet talk the doctors into getting a day pass and were let loose for the day... Not sure if this was a good idea for all the innocent people of society, but we sure had a blast. We attended a sock class held by WendyKnits who showed us how to knit a sock toe up. As you can see from the picture I was doing doing ok even without my flask right Megan??!!

After the class we went to lunch with some of the other girls that we met at the class where Megan got in trouble by Wendy. How embarassing to get in trouble by the instructor of the class. Megan the trouble maker of the bunch decided that she would take the straw wrappers and throw them across to the other table where Wendy was sitting at. Well Megan got the finger from Wendy....HAHAHAHAH.....

We really had a blast and even managed to sneak in some shopping. How could we leave a yarn strore without buying some yarn.

We really had a great time. It's great to have "girl time" and hopefully I'll be able to knit up a pair of toe up socks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My first "real" sweater

Here it is first "real" sweater. I say first "real" because my very very first sweater is a hot ass mess. Sleeves are all lopsided, can't get my head through the turtleneck part. The sewing part is beyonds words..... So bad that it's hanging in the closet and to been seen by a select few. :0)

So here is my finished Bridgette Sweater by Coco Knits. I knitted it in Malabrigo Chunky. Not too bad for my first real sweater. I must admit though I had lots of help from my fairy godmother. Thanks for all of the encouragement!!!!